Review of Yamaha Fazer FZ6 600

Having not ridden a motorbike for some 7 years I sat astride the Yamaha Fazer 600 with some trepidation. I had chosen the bike as it looked like it would have a reasonable amount of power to 'break me in' to the world of bigger bikes, but with a less racey style than the CBR's or an R6. After the owner of the hire shop telling me that 'this is a fast bike' I was already worried.

In terms of speed, I certainly wasn't disappointed. I took it fairly easy on the throttle to start with but after half hour or so of riding I felt like the full range of power was easily controllable.

Out on the open road the Fazer does have pretty good acceleration. I know it's not up there with a CBR 600 or an R6 but compared to most other traffic on the road it's more than lively enough. The power band is not as even as I would have liked, though, with a big kick at higher revs. Perhaps if I gave it another go it wouldn't seem so bad but it was something I had to watch out for for a while.

The riding position is reasonably upright. Although this makes it fairly comfortable as a sitting position, the faring is quite minimal and the amount of wind certainly gives you some neck strain after an hour or two. I'd say the almost complete lack of protection the faring gives is the lowest point of this bike overall.

The pillion passenger was pretty comfortable, though: enough so to fall asleep going along the motorway! The other great thing about this bike is it's fuel range: I got more than 175 miles out with two people and luggage, and the fuel tank tells you exactly where you are. This is certainly worth considering with a bike: a CBR 600 needs a fill up about every 120 miles in the same conditions.

All in all, it was a pretty good bike but perhaps a bit too much between stools for me. The riding position wasn't racey and neither is the throttle, but the narrower power bands and lack of faring also don't push it anywhere near the touring bracket. Where this bike would be ideal is as a commuter, with it's good tank range, comfortable riding position and some good bursts of power for overtaking.

I did like the Fazer, and I think one day I'll have another go (the R6 just looks a bit too raw) but I think the real crux is that it's a class of bike that isn't quite for me.

The Fazer FZ6 on the Yamaha site

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I would in the main agree, I too have returned to biking after a 10 year break. For touring an aftermarket double double would may be do the trick. the bike is certainly in my opinion capable of touring

posted by Anonymous Anonymous : July 16, 2006 10:16 PM

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